(1) You can excavate if word is black.
Tap for excavation!

(2) You can't excavate if word is gray.
Buy the right of excavation!

(3) You can buy new drill and can strengthen drills.
And you can buy new right of excavation.
If drill's power is higher, expense is higher. So you should think well.

(4) You can watch got treasures at the 'Home'.
Enjoy to watch treasures what you got!
You also can watch got titles. Check it out!

(5) The explain of current touching point is displayed at the top of the screen.
So you look this when you are worried.

(6) Ads are displayed at bottom of the screen if you use Free version.
Please touch ads when you are curious about it.

(7) You can go back to 'Top screen' by touching the 'Back button'!

This screen is top view.
Tap to dig the ground at all of the field.
The color of the ground becomes dark if you dig deep. So you feel the depth by the color of the ground.
Treasures are exist in more deep position, if you go newer stages.

(1) Tap tap tap! You can dig out a treasure if the treasure appears to 70% or more!
Don't overlook the treasure that appears a little.
Excavation is finished if you dig out 10 treasures or you use all of drills!

(2) You can change drill to fit various situations!
But you can use normal drill only, if you don't buy another drills.
If you feel drill's power is insufficient, you can strengthen the drill at the 'Shop'!

(3) When treasures have been dug out, those are arranged at the left of screen.
You can check number of treasures you got.

(4) Are you tired a little...?
In that case, you will end soon by 'End' button.
You feel easy, because you can get money of got treasures in this time!

(1) You can watch the detail of treasures those are dug out at this time.

(2) You can't watch treasures those are not dug out...
Try to get all of the treasures!

(3)When you get titles or new treasures, you can use the 'Share!' button!
Boast to your friends!!
You can't touch the button if there are only already got treasures.

(4) You can go back to 'Map screen' by touching the 'OK button'.

Drills have different effects.

"Power drill"
This drill can dig three layers at one time.
But, this can dig only narrow area. So, use for searching treasures.

"Normal drill"
This drill can dig middle area and two layers at one time.
You have this normal drill from start time.

"Wide drill"
This drill can dig larger area than normal drill.
This can dig only one layer, but this is useful for digging large area.

(1) Titles are important for saving money fast.
Collect titles because you can get titles bonus at the end of excavation!

(2) You may get titles at 'Time attack' and 'Count attack' in every fields...?

(3) Probably, you get advantage if you buy new drills among the first...?

(4) You can search more deeper layer if you use drill and search machine in combination.

(5) In fact, there are fields to get many money or not...?